Sex, vaginas, menstruation and all of the lovely things we dream about...just kidding. But seriously, this very broad subject is something that needs to be talked about more often and more publicly.  So while, hi, yes I am a 'style blogger,’ I also want this to be a place where I talk about all of the things that cross my mind (basically my diary?). So to my 5 readers, we're probably good friends and we've probably shared all of these things before, but if not, hey I recommend this product, sorry I didn't bring it up sooner!

I've always wanted to make it obvious from this blog that sustainability doesn't just have to do with your clothing. It expands to all aspects of how you live your life. You can live and shop sustainably when it comes to household products, makeup, skincare, etc.


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Fur ..  a brand that pulls at the heart strings, and I’m only half kidding here. I think one thing all women can agree on (& probably men) is that razor bumps are the absolute worst. I have very sensitive skin when it comes to just being touched. I can use any chemicals on my face but yet just scratching my neck gives me a huge red rash & people think I am having an allergic reaction (I am not kidding, people ask me all the time). So no surprise, shaving is super irritating to my skin. I have started using Fur Oil on my bikini line, on my armpits and sometimes on my legs or really wherever I feel like I need it. I have been religiously using it down there and lemme tell you, it is as soft as a baby’s bottom. But seriously, it has helped with razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. Better yet, all of Fur's products are vegan and cruelty-free. They also have a stubble cream fully dedicated to helping after you shave as well as an ingrown concentrate just for ingrown hairs. So while I applaud Fur for creating a much needed product I also applaud them for speaking up and letting people know that their private regions need love too. We all have bodies and we all have hair and none of this should be news to you. So don't be ashamed to share your tips and tricks and products and experiences and all of the things that have to do with your body.