A lot of talk surrounds millennials because they are the future.  They strive to be individuals and are self-secure. They take no bullshit and are unapologetic. As early adaptors they want what speaks to them. Opinionated and picky, they desire curated, inspired clothing that tells a story. They prefer authenticity and transparency. They are slowly changing the world we live in.

Inspired by trendy woven wall hangings and artist, Sara Berks, my research into the field of basket weaving began. I found organizations in Africa where women weave and sell baskets for a living. The article told many stories of women, why they got into the field, and highlighted their inspiration. This helped me understand and appreciate the emotion that they put into their creations and how their use of different materials can be used to convey a certain feeling. After researching more organizations, I discovered brands that hand weave their own clothing. 

My research influenced the silhouette and color inspiration for this collection. The mix of neutral and bright colors with hand knit and hand woven elements speaks to millennials because it allows every piece of this collection to be unique, each piece is designed as a work of art versus just a piece of clothing. Millennials desire clothing that has a tactile quality. Original hand crafted woven and knit pieces are in demand. This collection allows me to explore the hand-weaving process.