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blog post plaid pants page 1 and 2.png

Jacket...Ilana KohnNoihsaf Bazaar

Tee...Calder BlakeContinuum Bazaar

Pants…No. 6Continuum Bazaar

Shoes…Urban Outfitters…many years ago

bag…Kna...Continuum Bazaar

I feel very strongly about clothing lately. A strange statement to make, I know. I go through phases with my clothing like they are humans I feel out, or in, touch with??

I have been paying attention even more so to how I feel in a garment. Letting myself enjoy the act of getting dressed and wearing clothing rather than worrying about ‘what I am going to wear today’. I go through phases with this always, having clothing as an act of expression or using clothing to cover the feelings I have that day. Things that someone else can’t tell from an outsiders perspective but affects my day to day all the time. My relationship with my clothing mocks that of an actual human friendship. I have favorites, I get upset, I fall in love all over again. If you understand what I am trying to say, we get each other. If you think I am insane, that’s also okay because I might just be.

But, these beautiful No. 6 plaid pants read my mind with their print and color and I had to share. With an ivory jacket that appears slightly blue tinted to play just enough on the colors on the pants to look like it matches perfectly. Paired with these puke green sandals I will love for the rest of my life which also match just enough to make you think I am wearing something else green. Paired with my, always favorite, pleated bag by Kna made out of recycled materials.

Photos by my boo (best friend) Rachel Fenner




Shirt/dress by Henrik Vibskov from Continuum Bazaar paired with Cincy made earrings by Four Eyes Ceramics. The details on this dress are amazing. Allowing a simple shirt to say so much on its own and allow so much comfort. 10/10 would wear everyday of summer. 


Photos by Rachel Fenner





An amazing vintage find. This two piece suit had some shoulder pads that I removed. Paired with my favorite graphic tee by Good Day Club, art work by Manjit Thapp. Dr. Marten shoes found on Poshmark for half the price and some Young Frankk earrings from Continuum Bazaar.


Good Day Club


Photos by the talented Andrea Sabugo

Hair and Makeup by the lovely Emma Maue




reifhaus top collage-01.jpg
reifhaus top collage-02.jpg
reifhaus top collage-03.jpg

My absolute favorite shirt by Reifhaus from Continuum Bazaar, paired with vintage Levis from Reunion. Vagabond black boots and the most beautifulllll earrings by Mondo Mondo. 

When buying more expensive sustainable pieces I tend to stay away from anything super trendy. If you are going to spend the money you want to buy something that will last you season after season.  Gingham is decently 'trendy' right now and I must say I have fallen for it. I used to find it often too feminine in the silhouettes it was often designed in, but when I saw this Reifhaus top I fell in love immediately. The silhouette is my go-to, the boxy fit and the length allow it to be really versatile. Additionally, since it's black and white it isn't too 'out of the box' for me so I know I will love it for forever. So, that being said, when you purchase make sure it isn't on an impulse but also don't be afraid to spend the money on a piece that speaks to you that you feel like yourself in.






photos by Rachel Fenner